Clarity of speech is a must in any Conference Room setting. What threatens the clarity is blurred sound signals caused by unwelcome echoes that bounce around off the perimeter wall, ceiling and floor surfaces in the room.

On this project we serviced for acoustic treatment. The inside and outside ambient noise, interior sound insulation and the reverberation time are measured according to international standards. Regarding acoustic requirements for spaces intended for speech communication, the results obtained from measurements are compared to those given as guidelines and reference values, and which are recommended by some national and international standards. This comparison reveals the existence of a poor acoustical quality in the conference room, and which is caused by a relatively excessive level of the ambient noise, low insulation between the technical and conference rooms and high value of the reverberation time.

For fixing acoustic we used acoustic fabric panels; which helps for acoustic and sound insulation on this project.



It goes without saying that factories and manufacturing plants can be noisy places when machinery is in operation and production lines are in full flow. Employers have a duty of care to ensure that employees aren’t exposed to excessive levels of noise.