We have sound barrier materials, isolation hardware and acoustical door seals to isolate a room, along with sound absorbing materials and panels of many sizes, shapes and colors to work with the design of your rooms. We also have fabric wrapped panels that can use your custom artwork or photography to work with any design approach.

It goes without saying that factories and manufacturing plants can be noisy places when machinery is in operation and production lines are in full flow. Employers have a duty of care to ensure that employees aren’t exposed to excessive levels of noise.

If you own a facility that uses Residental air conditioning, you probably already understand the need for Residental soundproofing. Residental air conditioners make a tremendous amount of noise.

Scientific studies on the effect that noise has on the ability of pupils to learn have time and time again shown that pupils taught in rooms with quiet rooms with good acoustics learn and behave better than noisy rooms with poor acoustics.